Geoff Weinstein

    Unclear communication

    kills productivity


    Does your team struggle with email overload, long reports, and inefficient meetings?

    Geoff Weinstein

    Founder of Lean Communication

    Every leader in the financial industry KNOWS their team communications are full of waste. The SMART leaders are saying “Enough’s enough!”  


    Lean Communication strips out the waste so you have more time to work on the business.

    lean communication:

    The new standard for effective workplace communication.

    Clear. Concise. Influential.

    • Say goodbye to email overload

    • Get faster approvals

    • Improve your decks and presentations

    • Eliminate the non-stop meetings

    • Get work and projects done faster

    Strategic reasons to go lean:

    Lean Communication is for companies with a high regulatory burden and lots of smart, technical people.


    ``Geoff has elevated communication in all the teams he has worked with.``


    Vice President, Scotiabank

    ``One of his pieces of advice about one of my standard emails directly increased the conversion rate of enquiry to product sale by 18%.``


    Personal Branding Expert

    ``I appreciated Geoff's personal style, flexibility and ability to tailor programs to meet our organization's needs.``


    Senior HR Consultant

    ``Geoff provides very high value and can be trusted to deliver customized and effective results.``


    Founder, Business Coach Toronto

    ``We were so impressed that Geoff took the time to get know who we were and what we do. As a result, our staff are now communicating with greater confidence and effectiveness than ever before!``


    Provincial Director, CEF Canada




    Customized lean communication programs for your team