Design your email for mobile … or else!

Design your email for mobile … or else!

As smartphones continue to improve, more and more people are putting away their PCs and reading email on their devices. A recent study says that 47% of global users are checking messages on the fly (Adestra, May 2015). Another study suggests the number is 53% (Litmus, Jan 2015). In other words, roughly one of every two emails is opened on a device; this is a big number.

We all know that email looks a lot different on a small screen, but many of us are still designing our messages for desktop users and ignoring the needs of the mobile 50%. Think about those busy, distracted people in your company who spend their days in back-to-back meetings. You want them to open your email?

Here’s the good news: you can tweak a few things right away to increase readership:

  1. Your message: Make sure it’s clear and concise, and put it right near the top.
  2. Short paragraphs: 2-3 sentences max. 
  3. White space: Leave a line between each paragraph.
  4. Sub-headings: Add labels so your reader can browse.
  5. Vertical lists: Add bullets and numbers whenever possible.

Follow these simple steps, and people will be more likely to read your messages and do what you ask.


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