Lean Communication:

A strategic program that eliminates bottlenecks

Communication is full of delays

  • Email overload
  • Death by PowerPoint
  • Sales communications that don’t sell
  • Reports that take weeks to write
  • Excessive proofreading by executives
  • Meetings that produce no results
  • Projects that never end

The Cause:

  1. People – Attitudes, habits, and skills
  2. Processes – Policies, procedures, guidelines, templates, and systems
  3. Priorities – Communication waste is hard to measure, so most businesses ignore and accept it

The Solution:

Lean Communication focuses on your biggest communication challenges. Geoff will fix broken processes and update your employees’ skills and attitudes about communication. By addressing both the process and the people, you’ll see immediate changes that will energize your team.


  • An immediate boost in efficiency
  • Clear, concise communications
  • Elevated customer experience
  • Higher employee engagement
  • More time to focus on important tasks
  • Higher capacity for innovation
  • Significant cost savings