Geoff’s Philosophy

Geoff’s Philosophy

The digital age has changed the world, and it’s changing us too. Recent studies confirm that our online habits have altered the way our brains work. Because Google allows us to find information in seconds, we’re using our short-term memory less.

Our new “Google brains” don’t care about details, because everything we want to know is available instantly. Yet we continue to communicate the old academic way, where quality is judged by vocabulary and word count.

Business communication needs to be more efficient. People are busy and distracted; they don’t want to think as much, and they don’t want to read as much. They just want to get to work.

Companies need to STOP chasing the latest, greatest communication channels. And they need to START teaching their employees to cut the fluff so they can be clear, concise, and influential.

The time for change is now.


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