Geoff Weinstein



Geoff Weinstein


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1. An easy-going guy who’s passionate about communication.  2. Creator of The Lean Communication Method. 3. Author of Buried Alive: Digging Your Way Out To Clear Communications.  4. Co-author of Blind Spots: Solving Hidden Business Problems. 5. Keynote speaker and communication consultant. 6. A Canadian financial services industry veteran. 7. Member, International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). 8. Graduate of University of Guelph and the Canadian Securities Institute.  9.  Husband. Father of three.

In 2006, Geoff founded Mainstream Communications Inc. to help large companies and individuals simplify their communications and boost productivity. Since then, he’s trained and coached thousands of people, and spoken at hundreds of workshops and events. In 2017 he launched the Lean Communication Method to deal with the complex issues of the digital age.

Geoff’s Philosophy

Decades of business tradition have produced a communication style that’s full of fluff and fancy language, and people just don’t have time for it in this fast-paced digital age.

It’s time to Go Lean!