Geoff Weinstein



Digging your way out to clear communication

Author Geoff Weinstein explains the mess we’re in: “Technology has evolved rapidly, but business communication habits have not yet adapted. It’s time to cut the fluff and step into the digital age!” BURIED ALIVE takes a much-needed look at the state of business communication. In this practical guide, you’ll learn how to be clear and concise so you can reach even the most distracted “Google brains”. You’ll slash the time and money your company wastes on writing and editing. And you’ll discover five shifts that will help you transform corporate culture. BURIED ALIVE gives you your life back!


Blind Spots

Solving Hidden Business Problems

Why is it that some leaders achieve great success, while others struggle? In this guide in narrative form, Russell Baxter, a fictional character and outgoing CEO, shares his secrets of success with incoming CEO Amir Ahmed. Baxter demonstrates that great leaders need to be aware of their vulnerabilities or blind spots and take action to make necessary changes. Baxter identifies twelve common blind spots that occur in business – things that companies can’t see but that often drain productivity. Geoff contributed a chapter on the importance of writing with a purpose.