Geoff Weinstein

25 years later. . .¬†and email’s a mess!

The average worker spends 25% of the day managing the inbox.

We shouldn’t have to come in early, stay late, or check email on vacation.

The Lean Email Online Course


Transforms the way teams communicate

``The dividends have been huge: improved client satisfaction, streamlined work flows, clearer communication, less stress for employees and capacity gains across the board.``

Dann Kupiec

Senior Manager: National Sales Support, Client Implementations and Training

designed for busy people in the digital age


17 short lessons – 5-10 minutes each

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Participants Learn How to:

    • Save 30-60 minutes a day
    • Write clear, concise emails
    • Get fast replies
    • Add visual appeal
    • Use CC, BCC, Fwd, and Reply All properly
    • Write subject lines that get clicked
    • Organize their thoughts
    • Start with a friendly salutation
    • Convey urgency and engage the reader
    • Project authority and confidence
    • Influence busy people to cooperate
    • Sign off with conversational endings


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11 to 25 licenses

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