Powerful Presentations

When was the last time you enjoyed sitting through a presentation?

Geoff Weinstein brings energy back to your boardroom by transforming non-presenters into dynamic, self-aware speakers who connect with and motivate their audiences. To win over hearts and minds, a speaker needs three elements: trust, passion, and logic. Geoff teaches your employees how to blend these three elements and engage their audiences from start to finish.

Geoff’s Unique Approach

Geoff explores the dynamics of human decision-making and the factors that motivate audiences to take action. He helps participants boost the traits that make them naturally influential and coaches them to overcome the habits that are holding them back. His proven formula works for all audiences: executives, colleagues, and clients. And when the workshop is done, your team will be more confident delivering presentations at all levels of your organization.

Learning Objectives

Your team members will learn how to:

  • Engage an audience in 10 seconds flat
  • Immediately establish credibility
  • Earn trust and rapport
  • Project the fire burning in their gut
  • Create a sense of urgency in the audience
  • Correctly structure an influential presentation
  • Use their voice to become more influential
  • Reinforce their message with the right body language
  • Use PowerPoint properly

Total Customization

Geoff tailors the program to suit your team’s specific presentation challenges.

100% Relevant

Students deliver a minimum of three presentations. It’s all about them. To ensure personalization, Geoff caps the program at 8 participants.

Individual Feedback

The participants receive immediate, candid feedback and a recording of their performances.

Workshop Length

Standard Program – 2 full days

Condensed Program – 1.5 days


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